Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Masterpiece Starscream (MP03) Repaint to G1

My latest work comissioned by a friend.

As you all know (Transformer fans i mean) the Masterpiece Starscream that came out a while back was in dark green colour. I'm still wondering what the heck they were thinking, but I didn't care as much since its not really my cup of tea. Until now.

A friend of mine asked if I can do a repaint of the MP03 (the code for the Screamer) into his original Generation One colours (you know, during the 80's they had their cartoons..). I said,'Yeah sure!'. I was a bit excited and scared at the same time. This usually happens when you do repaints coz you're responsible for a customer's item. So I met him up, started doing some colour schemes and looked at references (which is the cartoons...and I love watching them..hah). Got a rough idea on how to paint the guy and sent in the scheme to my friend. He gave me the green light and I started work.

Here is the Screamer in all his fugly green colour (reminds me of those pesky little turtles which can fight...).

So I started working on it by taking it apart. Yeah, it was fun taking this guy apart coz from there I can see which part that I need to paint or not and not to mention the masking madness that needed to be done.

The progress. Before painting, I sanded the parts with 1000grit sandpaper and sprayed a nice thin layer of my own concoction.

Screamer half done.

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, I don't have the in-depth progress of the project, but the final product is done. It took me more than 2 weeks (without sleep and my busy schedule I could have popped this baby in a week..yeah!)

And here it is. Masterpiece Starscream with his traditional Generation One colours.

Robot Mode:

Jet Mode:

It was definitely a new experience for me and I kinda have this thought that my skills in airbrushing and modelling has increased a notch.

Stay tune for my next repaints true believers!

MP03 Starscream

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