Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Non Grade 1/100 Astray Red Frame

Since I'm working on a new repaint project at the moment, I thought that I could post up some of my previous Gunpla works. It will be random and not in chronological order since I don't really remember when I did some of them. For starters, here's the Astray Red Frame. I built him around February 2006 and haven't gotten my airbrush yet.

When the kit came out way back as a non-grade 1/144 scale (not much mobility..pretty sucky) I had to have it. Even for a non-grade it had details that was quite amazing. I managed to get hold of it and built it using my very noob skills at that time. As time passed by I prayed that Bandai would come out with a bigger version of this fella.

And they did.

Woohooo! I quickly got myself one and worked on it. *Note: This kit was painted using handbrush, so excuse the shall we say..errors on it..heh*

First of all, it was a fantastic kit. Despite being a non-grade 1/100, not only the details but the poseability to it was as though it was a Master Grade! Before painting, I snap fitted it and it took me a week just playing with this guy..yes..I played with him. Giving him cool poses and such.

Anyways, got to painting and adding the decals to here are the images of this magnificent non-grade gunpla kit.

For those how don't know, the Astray Red Frame is from the Gundam Seed series. They never showed him in the normal series but had his own manga and one animated clip for promotions.

A good kit.

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