Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Transformers Classics Megatron Repaint

Hey all..

Here I am again with another repainted work of mine. This time around its the Classics Megatron (its the latest line from Hasbro). The original colour was pretty looked like a frickin nerf gun. When they mentioned 'classic' I thought they would come up with the original Generation One colours. Here's the original colour...(photos taken from

So I was thinking to get one and repaint him with the original colours. But due to some financial restraints, I had to put the project aside. Until I mentioned it to a friend of mine, his eyes just got big and offered me his own Megatron to repaint (with a fee that is..heh). It took me a few days to repaint this guy since I had to see which parts was good in the G1 colours.

Well, enough's Megatron in his true G1 form. (Photos taken by Arya)

Gun Mode:

Robot Mode:

So what do you all think? My friend was pretty darn happy when he got Megs back. (And I'm thinking hard to get one of my own..*sigh*)

Here's a special scene done by my friend Arya. Megatron vs Optimus Prime:

Classics Megatron (G1 Colours)

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  1. gosh... now THAT's megatron! i always felt that color scheme was weird... now it looks so good... i respect u man, your work rawks!