Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My First Resin Kit


It's been almost a month since my last update, been a bit busy and haven't had the cam in my hands not to mention my computer. Anyhoo, here's a lil update on what I've been working on since my last update (well, it was done a while back, and i just got hold the cam with the pics in it..heh).

Like I mentioned before, this is my first try on painting and building a resin kit. I got lucky cause this particular kit was a simple spray on and put-together kit. Based with only a pic of the original I did some pre-shading to it and also some handpainting. Initially the guns came separately and since resin isn't like rubber, I had trouble putting in the guns in Neo's hands. So I cut the guns and painted it. Once painted I just slap on a little bit of super glue and just tuck it in the hands...

Okay, here's the finished work...hope it's okay...


I'm still new at doing this but I had fun. I was given another resin kit as a Christmas present and currently working on it slowly. Its a from a chinese comic hero, not so sure who but I'm planning to paint him in my own colors.

Till Next Time!