Tuesday, January 22, 2008

TFTM Bumblebee Camarro '74 and Starscream


Yeah, another update from me in the same day. Guess I'm on a roll at the moment and who knows when is my next update? LOL...

Alrites, here's another TFTM Bumble '74 and Starscream repaint. What's the difference this time around? Simple, its a new stylized version. I've been doing a lot of common repaints (customer's requests) but this time around I was given a chance to do something different. So, I opt to do a little pre-shading technique and normal shading to give these two an old weary look.

Here they are...

TFTM Bumblebee '74

TFTM Starscream

Jet Mode:

Okay...what do you guys think? Well, I have a few more upcoming projects ready to be posted here but like always, theres the waiting period.

By the way, remember the Classics Thrust I mentioned waaay back? Well, its finally looking good despite the many trials and errors. Still working on the bugs and once it's done, I'll be recasting the wings for pre-orders. So stay tuned to RK Designs...