Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Transformers Zarak Convoy

Here is a project that I worked on a few months ago.

This project was given to me by my good pal Arya (you know..the guy who can take some pretty kicka$$ pictures?...yeah..thats him...). Originally an Energon Optimus Prime and Wingsaber, he asked if there was a chance to do something like Mega Zarak (the japanese counterpart for Scorponok). Looking at the very hefty fella, I tried to figure out wether the color scheme would match the bot.

It did. Perfectly.

So this is the new reincarnation of Energon Optimus Prime...Zarak Convoy.

Normal Mode:

Vehicle Mode:


Close Up:

'Evil Comes In Many Forms, I Am The Worst One Yet...' - Zarak Convoy

Next Update: Transformers Movie Skywarp