Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Blast From The Past!

Well, it really isn't an update. Just some new photo shots of a project I worked on a long time ago. It can be considered the turning point of what I do now, if it wasn't for this fella...I think no one would ever trust me to do a Transformer repaint.

This Masterpiece Starscream (Takara) was originally dark greenish gray and was the subject of massive criticism. So a friend (Shah...I owe you big for the chance you gave me...) comissioned me to repaint it to Starscreams original G1 colours.

To know the story, you can go here --> Masterpiece Starscream Repaint To G1

Now this fella belongs to a new owner, Arya (yeah...the guy who takes cool pictures! Stop already okay!) and he has done a great job in capturing the essence and feel of this Decepticon.

So, maybe yeah it's an update...updated pictures...


Mid air transformation! (my favourite shot!)


"Conquest Is Made Of The Ashes Of Ones Enemy"

Next Update: Will be announced!