Tuesday, May 20, 2008

TFTM Leaderclass Brawl


Hey hey! I totally forgot about this repaint work I did a few months back. It was in my brother's handphone and recently he asked me about it. To the owner I'm so sorry for not displaying it here, it has been kinda hectic for me these past few months remember?

Okay, here's a Leaderclass Brawl which was repainted to Panzer tank schemes. I thought of doing a normal sandy colored tank then realised that a clean looking tank isn't really a tank...rite? So after that pondering, this is what I managed to do.

Vehicle Mode:

And while I was working on this fella, I also did a repaint of a deluxe TFTM Scorponok.

Sorry about the pictures. They were taken with a handphone (I didn't have a cam that time...). Until the next uodate!