Friday, May 23, 2008

Iron Monger Repaint (Ironman Movie Series)


Okay, my previous posting was on the Mark II. Now make way for the Iron Monger! Alrite, when I first got him...well...I was ecstatic about it, until I tried to pose him...yeah...

His right leg was joined to his hip to create the smashing gimmick (which I personally think is dumb...). Not only it limited his poseability, he can't do anything! So I took it upon myself to get rid of that gimmick and give him the right to pose!

Well, the solution is putting in ball joints. I had to cut the joints connecting it and replace it with new joints. It was pretty tedious and any mistakes can cause me a figure. With a little putty and a brand new ball joint courtesy of Kotobukiya aftermarket modelling parts, he came out good. A little detailing and a new paint job, he was done.



Close up:


There you go. It was one helluva time kitbashing this fella and now I feel much better owning him.