Friday, May 30, 2008

Articulated Victory Leo (WIP) Part01


(Not really a total update right now, its a Work In Progress post)

Been keeping this fella in storage for quite sometime. He was suppose to be paired with my other 'RK Articulated Version' Star Saber from the Transformer: Victory series. Was done a few months back when I had the modification bug hit me and it was in storage along with my Star Saber. After doing the WIP on the Robot Master BW Megatron, I took him out again to have a look and see what I can do (while waiting for parts, paint cure and etc...) to improve the basic work that I did.

Before I start, this particular Victory Leo was bought the same time with my Star Saber. Both are knock-off items. So thats why you can see that I did major modifications (it's a cheap price to pay...hah!).

Overall the original wasn't as high as Star Saber, so I had to make sure I don't overdo with the extensions, replacing parts are among the things that was done. I haven't worked out yet on the side railguns and also how to place his back cannons. This fella needs a lot more work to go into the painting stage, so we'll see how it goes...maybe I might do some more changes...

Victory Leo:

Close Ups:

With Star Saber:

Okay thats about it for Part 01 of the Victory Leo WIP. See you all soon.

Note: This is a Work In Progress (WIP) post. So the final work might not be the same as it was originally designed by RK Designs.