Thursday, June 19, 2008

Fine Molds Y-Wing Fighter


Hey all...looks like today's update is a bit different from my usual works. Here we have a Fine Molds Y-Wing Fighter from everybody's favorite sci-fi trilogy Star Wars! Okay, so what's so awesome about this particular model kit? For one thing, the people from Fine Molds were given the models from the original Star Wars movie props by Lucasfilms themselves. So imagine the amount of details that was inside this kit.

Another cool thing about this kit is that the seamlines (where to parts join) are like close to nothing at all. Not that they didn't have any, just that it was ingeniously hidden between the panels! The pipings for the top and bottom fuselage were individually separated and had to be cemented properly. Anyhoo, enough ramblings...

Fine Molds Y-Wing Fighter

Close Ups:

Okay...I gotta be honest though, I did this kit like a few months back but totally forgot to post it here on RK sorry about that...heh...

Until next time!