Monday, March 12, 2012

Hasbro 6" Ironman Mark 4 (beta version)


Yep, it looks like it's IRON-MADNESS at RK Studios!! Everything has gone IRON-ny...heh...

Alrite, now I had an extra Hasbro 6" Ironman 2 Mark 4 figure. This one is pretty neato since it has Tony Stark's head (in this case Robert Downey's) and is detachable. I was wondering what should I do with this guy and did a survey on what other custom colors or design I can do. Was thinking of going for a seriously heavy mod but then I decided to add a little modding and a nice gray color scheme. Now why gray?

I thought to myself, if Tony Stark developed the Mark 4, there was bound to be a 'beta' version. The trial armour. So that was the reasoning behind this suit's design and colors.

I added some silver to certain parts of the armour to create that prototype look meaning it's a halfway done armour, and slapped on some kotobukiya after market parts just to give some details.

Ironman Mark 4 'beta' (RK Design imaging)

Yeah. Now that's what I call IRON'ing out the design...heheheh. Till next time!


  1. IRONing out... hehhehe... lame... hahahaha! Nasib baik your work is at its usual standard; which is OSEM.

  2. apsal muka dia iras2 Ijat eh? Kekekeekek....