Monday, March 19, 2012

Hasbro 6" Ironman Mark 6 Stealth


Some guy sort of said to me that my repaints were not as good since 'people say' that I can't paint 'bling' or do the metallic style painting. What these people didn't know, I just chose NOT to do it. Why settle for what everybody is doing? But apparently, the decision to not play with 'bling' colors got some people trying to 'lowball' me and asking very ridicolously low prices for my repainted works...and that is really...*blip* censored...hahahaha...

Alright, so in trying to prove to this people...I took a Hasbro 6" Mark 6 figure and decided to make it...'bling. How so? By doing the stealth color version of Tony Stark's Ironman armour. Did some research on the color scheme and finally decided.

So here it all it's 'bling' greatness!

Ironman Mark 6 Stealth Armour

And to further prove that it's 'bling'...snap some pics with flash!

Here's a repulsor blast for ya'...says Ironman to lowballers...heh

Alriteys...more to come in the following week! And don't forget to drop by RK Designs Facebook page to see more updates!


Cheers everyone!

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