Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Titanium Acidstorm


This is a snafu for me. I really thought I've uploaded this guy here and found out that I didn't. So first and foremost, apologies to the owner of this fella (which is also a good friend of mine).

Okay, so what is it actually? This here is a Transformer from the Titanium series. A pretty good line actually with simple transformations and kinda heavy (made out of some kind of metal...not really sure about it). Originally this guy was Thrust (Cybertronian form) as you can see here:

So, my buddy wanted me to repaint this guy into Acidstorm. One of the Rainmakers on Cybertron. He requested that all the black and certain silver parts to remain and the rest is painted to green. Looks like a lot..and I mean a helluva lot of masking! But that's the best part of masking, once done...the results are satisfying (unless you botch it...LOL)...

Here it is, done. (done waaay back in January)...

Titanium Acidstorm

Well, that's all for now folks. Prepping up a bunch of other customs that will be posted's a sneak peek on what will come in the next few days...heh...

Yep...can you all guess who they are? Pretty obvious right? heheheh...okay, see you all soon!

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