Thursday, April 19, 2012

Classics Hot Rod


Okay, lately I've been working on some personal projects of mine (actually it's been months...since last year...heh), I call it the revival project. Now what is it you might ask? It's actually custom works on Transformer figures that I think should be pumped up. Don't get me wrong, I think Hasbro has been doing a fantastic job in designing and creating Transformer figures for the fans. You see, I'm a Generation One fan and when Hasbro came out with the Classics/Universe/Reveal The Shield series I was excited!

I was into collecting them until around a year and a half back I stopped. Not sure why, economic problems...scalpers...and a bunch of other things. But a fan will always be a fan since I loved Transformers not for the toys, but the they lived, their stories, their profiles...who they were! I was more into the comics rather than the shows since the comics (Marvel and IDW) are the perfect medium to tell the tales of the Transformers. That was it. I was hooked again.

But this's different. I intend to remake the Classics/Universe/RTS series into how I wanted to see them. And quest begins.

For starters, I hated that they made Hot Rod (Rodimus) so bleedin' small! As you can see here:

The figure was good. I actually loved it at first, but then realising that he was puny compared to the other bots that was made. (I have a thing for proper scaling) sold of mine and made one of my own.

I had an extra Classics Sideswipe body lying around and since it's headless (using it for something else...will be revealed soon!) I took the body. Had the right look to it, and got myself Excillion's head (from the Galaxy Force series)...modded the neck extensions, gave him wings which I added to the engine part for Sideswipe and a paint what do you get?

Classics Hot Rod (RK Designs version)

The Excillion head with new neck joints and the wings which is now part of the engine.

Hot Rod's arm blasters which is also part of his exhaust in vehicle mode.

Size comparison to Universe Kup.

Vehicle mode.

Now, the flames are actually airbrushed on. Did some masking and based the design from his G1 toy version. The only decal part was the Autobot emblem.

And there you have it. My version of Hot Rod. I'm kinda happy with this, but since it's my first design...I found some flaws in it. So if I do get a chance, I might be doing a version 2.0 of this guy...till then...

Hasta la bye bye!


  1. Love the idea bro...If I may comment, maybe the wings are too big and centered?

  2. thanks man! problem, good constructive criticism is a way to be better at wat we thanks! definitely will take this wen designing my next one.