Thursday, April 19, 2012

RTS Prowl


Yes! Another one in the same day!! Lol.

Backstory on this project. I have always loved Prowl. Next to Optimus Prime, Prowl has always been my favourite Autobot. Imagine my grief when I saw him die in the original 1985 animated movie.

Thankfully, he was brought back to life. In the comics that is. And in those stories, you get a deeper understanding of who Prowl is and why he does what he does. Some might consider him a jerkbot, but I see him as an Autobot that will get his hands dirty to get the job done.

So when Hasbro released a new figure of him in 2008 under the classics line, was a happy man. You see, I never had a chance to own one of the G1 toys...had an action master Prowl, but it...erm...disappeared. Here's the 2008 Prowl:

It had the look of Prowl. The car mode was also a great tribute to the original G1 version. So I was happy for awhile, but my mind never stopped trying to tinker with it's design. The Prowl in the IDW comics sort of followed the Classics version, but buffed him up and made him look awesome. Which was wat I wanted too. I mean, he is my favourite Autobot!

My answer came in the form of Reveal The Shield Jazz. The body was perfect! The car may not look like the original, but in robot mode...this was the body I was looking for!

After purchasing an extra Jazz (hey...Jazz was a fav too), I separated Prowl's head from his classic body and modified it to go to his new body. Got rid of some stuff, did some modifications to the legs without compromising his transformation (didn't want Prowl to look so much like Jazz). And a coat of new paints along with some custom decals made by myself...heh...and Prowl was ready! I present to you all...

Reveal The Shield Prowl (RKD: REVIVAL Series)

Custom decals made by myself.

Swapped and moved the legs to give Prowl a more different look.

Comparison to RTS Jazz.

Vehicle mode.

Yep. Now I am truly happy. Now what happened to the Classics Prowl body? Just wait for it to reveal itself soon. Till then...

Over and out...

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