Monday, August 9, 2010

TFA Ramjet


Another Transformers Animated figure. This fella is Ramjet. The original mold didn't have a 'conehead', so I decided to give him one.

Transformers Animated Ramjet

Heh...As you can see from the text above I'm not writing as much. Why? Well, I kinda noticed that nobody actually reads what I typed. So why bother right? How do I know? People keep on asking me the same thing...

Anonymous: 'Hey bro, was wondering if you would like to sell your custom (fill in whichever kitbash I did here)...I really like your work and wouldn't mind paying as much for that custom (oookay, the last bit I sort of made up...heh)'

Me: (wtf? Didn't he read what I wrote?...With all the passion in my heart I typed out 'my client' or 'my friends' or 'my customers'...oh well...guess he didn't read it...)

Yup...thats why.

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  1. kekeekek...emo nampak? Lek bro, selagi ada manusia kat bumi ni, camtu la fitrahnye...