Monday, August 9, 2010

Cobra H.I.S.S (high speed sentry) - G.I.Joe


Hey now this is a project that I was really excited on working (it ain't Transformers yo!). This particular H.I.S.S is from the new series of G.I.Joe vehicles that came out coinciding with the movie. It had 'real' moving treads!!! It's really a far cry from the original H.I.S.S from the cartoons and comics. With it's rotating canons at the back and it's spring action elevation system, it's a fantastic toy...but...paint job (or plastic mold)...

If your going to pick up one of these guys, don't be fooled by the box art. This is how it actually looks like...

Yup...thought so.

So a FRIEND of mine ASKED me to custom his H.I.S.S (kinda tongue twisting eh?). He wanted a the original black colored version. And me being me, I added some of my own touch to it. So long story short...

Cobra H.I.S.S (2010 Rise of Cobra)

Elevated Mode:

Close Ups:

I totally loved working on this guy. And I can't wait to finish up my own H.I.S.S (the cartoon/comic version) so we can do a comparison. So until then...


  1. Really, really awesome paint mod.

  2. niceeeee dude! Ready for new project yo?

  3. bro, mana boleh dpt Hiss baru ni? xnampak pun kat toy shop. anyway good job bu i still think the old HISS is more wicked. shahrul.