Monday, July 11, 2011

XOvergen Grand Patriot


Okay, it's quite rare that I would be asked to repaint a third party Transformer figure. Furthermore this time it's from the company XOvergen.

It was said that this version of Optimus Prime is the version from the Transformers vs G.I.Joe comic series. They can't use the original name due to licensing reasons and it looks pretty good. But being the first try from this company, there were some problems and flaws to the figure. I won't mention much on it, since I'm here to REPAINT! LOL.

Alright, my client wanted me to use my military modelling style on this guy. So, I opt to use a darker shade of green. As you can see...the original has...erm...a very bright look to it.

Ahem...not really good to go into battle with this colors aye?

As usual, I'd do some pre-shading to get the right tone to it. Since this guy has a lot of edges, it would look really awesome. Now, once I've applied the pre-shades, I added some really dark green (mixture of 40% green and 60% black) to do the outer shadings to it...then used some silver for the dry brush on the body.

Now, the torso and upper legs I originally used silver. But then again it was kinda funny since the main bulk had a lot of shadings and using a technique I recently learned from a good friend of mine, it now looks way better.

Okay, no more talk. Let's see 'em photos!

Overall it was a pretty fun project to do, so I wouldn't mind doing another (hint...).

Now, if there was someone who would want me to do a Shattered Glass version of Fansproject's did it already...LOL...



  1. Another good job on the paint masta ryu..i like the db effect..

  2. Quite a rare toy, but I like the vehicle mode. Nice job as usual, bro. :)

  3. thanks a lot guys, but all i can say the QC on this figure is quite bad...and the robot mode doesn't really have much poseability...and had to do a lot of masking during the painting process...