Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Trumpeter 1/35 Russia SAM-6 Antiaircraft Tank


Here's another military build that I did a few months ago.

This is another Trumpeter kit (which I think challenges the heck outta me) of Russia's SAM-6 Antiaircraft Launcher/Tank.

Pretty much applied the usual styles since my client wanted me to follow the pictures on the box. But I added a little bit more of detailing since I thought that the original colors looked too plain. The missiles with their small details in attaching it to the launch pad was pretty nifty.

The most challenging part was building the tank treads. Yes! It had to be built INDIVIDUALLY!! God knows how trying it was, since I'm used to treads that are already made (and its rubber too!). But it was an experience and like always, I treasure them...

Alright, another military kit notched in my resume...heh...

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  1. perghh....good job as always.....kalu beli tank ni brapa rege Ryu?

  2. Wan De Real, Reza di Klang ada kedai model kits, harga pon cantek!
    Aku dgn Nizan plan nak gi sana, mau polowwww??

  3. wan: tatau plak brapa, sebb customer punya kan...

    fatbasty: thanks bro!

    boyarque: aku nak follow!!