Friday, December 3, 2010

Tamiya 1/35 Leichter Panzerspahwagen 4x4


Another military build. This time around an armored car. It was a bit more challenging since an a smaller vehicle has a slight different weathering to it. And to add to the build, there was a small bike included. The colors chosen was a simple one and the owner didn't want so much heavy weathering to it. The vehicle was under the Afrika-Korps so I guess, we should take into consideration the weather and also the environment of where it was.

Here it is...

Tamiya 1/35 Leichter Panzerspahwagen (4x4) Afrika-Korps

The really small bike.

Both vehicles:

The bike was really small, roughly the length was about the size of my thumb (about 6cm in length). The details was amazing and God knows how challenging it was to paint it.

As you can see that I haven't put up any figures along the builds. Simple really, I haven't mastered painting human figures yet. They look hopefully, my learning curve will slowly end...

Until next time!


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  2. ah, afrika korps....the crack wermacht troops under Field Marshall Rommel. Featured most prominently by the Indiana Jones adventures. Outfoxed by general Montgomery of the british eighth army....

  3. smart giler bro ! detailing tip top ! aih, tah bile bleh proceed ngan "Brawl Project" tuh ~ tapi aku sure lepas siap nanti confirm cun ! ^^