Wednesday, March 6, 2013

G.I. Joe Jungle CAT


Another work completed a while back.

Story goes, I had this guy for a time...which is the Wolf Hound. From the G.I. Joe Rise Of Cobra line. Then I sold it off. Don't ask why...

Then later I got hit by the Joe bug again and felt the need to have this guy again. Traded with a friend of mine and was suggested by my best friend to paint it with relevant colors. I thought about it and yeah, I don't really need a Joe snow vehicle. Here's how it originally looks like:

So after some color decisions, I took the original idea my best bud gave me. (Thanks Reza!)

I present thee...

The G.I. Joe Jungle CAT

So that's it for the moment. Until I finish up more works...I'll definitely smack in more.


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