Monday, October 20, 2014

War For Cybertron Optimus Prime Custom Repaints (Metal and Shattered Glass Ver.)


Okay...another set of customs I did for a friend.

The War For Cybertron toyline was a pretty good series. Namely the big bot himself, Optimus Prime. Sadly he came in deluxe sized which in my opinion was a waste.

Okay, so a friend came to me and asked to commission metallic versions of the big ol' bot. Now, as a customiser who rarely does metallic finishes, this was kinda like a challenge. (Furthermore I have a few other commissions that requires me to do metallic finishes...heh.)

So...after some trials and bottles of paints...I finally found the particular ones I like the most. So here it is...

WFC Optimus Prime (Metallic ver.)

Comparison to the original Hasbro version.

WFC Shattered Glass Optimus Prime

 Okay...more to come soon!

Cheers everyone!

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