Saturday, June 9, 2007

Robotcon 2007

Hey all!

There haven't been any updates lately since I've been busy with some projects and events. But there will be soon. As I'm typing this, I'm hanging out at my fav hangout place Toy Workers. So I can't update any new projects that I've worked for the past few weeks.

But, I do have some super duper news. I'm proud to inform everybody that's reading this that we will be having our very first Robotcon. What's a Robotcon you might ask? It stands for robot convention.

Enough typing and here are the details.

(Do click on the picture to view it bigger so you all can see the details...)



  1. hey hey... cheehow here , or wat u known as wong :P
    anyway.. this is be a blast for robotscon :)

  2. yep..i hope it'll be a great event and becomes annually!