Monday, May 28, 2007


Hey all..its been awhile since my last update. Its been pretty hectic for me with work and all, but its a bit clearing up lately.

Anyways, here's another repaint project that I worked on. There are a few more that I've finished (well, 90% done that is..heh) which i haven't taken any pics yet except 'Work In Progress' pics. And as some of you would know, I'm the type would only post it up when the work has been completed.

Alritey then, let's cut the chatter and let's see who's the accused today.
Here we have is a ToyBiz 18inch Spiderman 2 action figure. This guy here was my first attempt at repainting action figures and he was one helluva ride to do. Reference taken was from the Spiderman 3 black suit.

Here's the fella in all his normal colors.

So I started with the usual preparations, undercoat it with my special concoction and trimming it nicely. Then got to repainting him fully. The color I chose was Metal Black. I remember watching the movie and the black on Spidey was quite metallic..making him having these metal shine to it. Once I sprayed it all over, and YOWZA! His color was close to the movie.

Here, let me show you.

Once the whole body has been covered, I had to wait for it to dry for a few know, just making sure and all. At the same time I go through again anatomy per anatomy to see wether I missed any parts or not. Paint dries and I start working on the lining. The lining is the trademark for the movie version of our friendly neighbourhood wall crawler.

And now...I present to you, Spiderman - Black Suit version...

The Amazing Spiderman

'With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility'
PS: For those who are in the 'not-know', if you want to view the pictures better, just click on either one to see the larger image. Cheerios!


  1. Great repaint, Ryu! YOu gotta tell me what you use for the lining

  2. Great repaint, Ryu! YOu gotta tell me what you use for the lining

  3. Whoa... awesome job there man, on the painting and detailing... I wouldn't have the guts to paint my figures man. Keep it up! :)

  4. thanks guys...i try my best in each of my repaints...