Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Alternator Optimus Prime Repaint

Well, while I'm still working on a few repaint projects at the same time (yes...theres more than one at the moment), I managed to squeeze in some repainted work for myself. I received this Alternator Prime as one of my payments for my repainting services (not trying to make a habit of this and this is only for my regulars..) so I decided to 'pimp' him a bit. Nothing bling bling but just a nice paintjob to eliminate the original 'plasticky' colors...

The colors that I chose were metallic red with an undercoat of silver. Since Prime's colors were originally red, the metallic look didn't seem to stand out at first. So with the silver undercoat, the metallic red stood out more. Another that I repainted were the legs. I don't remember Prime having black legs...except the Nemesis version though, so I opt to recolor it according to his Generation One scheme.

Enough talk, here is the fella...

Alternator Optimus Prime Custom Repaint By RK Designs

Vehicle Mode:

Robot Mode:

Until next time folks!


  1. Awesome job on the repaint man! Now THAT's Prime... It looks WAY better without the plasticky look. Sometimes I wish we could buy Transformers of the shelves with such paintjobs :P

  2. thanks bro..it really means a lot to me with ur support..and i hope i can do even better repaints in the future..