Tuesday, March 4, 2008

TFTM Megatron - Revamped ver.2.0


Hey there lads and lasses...I'm back with another update, it's another TFTM Leader Class Megatron. Yep. Another one. Talk about mass producing this fellas. I'm doing so many Megatrons that I actually know what can be taken apart and so on. LOL. Anyhoo, being bored of the traditional way of doing it, I looked for other ways to make it. Meaning adding more details, extra covering and also some other types of techniques. Thankfully it worked well and my friend (the same person who took the pictures...since I accidently deleted mine...heh) was really happy with it.

And for me, a happy customer makes me a happy customiser...

TFTM Megatron - Revamped 2.0

There you go. Another update will be coming soon. Doing some renovations at the moment so, hope you all will be patient ya.