Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Revoltech Nemesis Prime


Well what do you know...its 2010...my last update was October 2009...lol...guess a lot of things were happening and got really busy. Thought by having a day job in the education field I'd have a lot more time to work on repaints and kitbashing. I thought wrong.

Don't get me wrong, I have been working on some projects...but at a very slow pace. This is due to my constant tiredness when I get home...and also burned out. Yep. Never thought it would have happened but I got burned out doing repaints. Aside from the comission works I got, made some plans and blueprints to do some of my own custom Transformer figs. But alas...a lot got stuck midway...

Anyhoo, as an opener for 2010 here's something that I worked on a few months back. Did this a while back, but this time around I made it a wee bit different.

Here's the Revoltech Nemesis Prime.



More to come. Peace!