Friday, July 16, 2010

RK Designs on break

Hello all,

As from the title I guess you should know what is the news of this posting. As of today, RK Designs will be taking a break from accepting any comission works. I'll be taking only those which I have promised to do and that should be about it.

I guess it was going to come soon. Not that I'm, it's just taking a break from painting and building other people's robots. How long? I don't really know. It all depends on me clearing up my afterburns. Yes, after more than 4 years of doing this...from repainting to gunpla building...I've burned out. I can't feel the same feeling I had a long time ago when I first started doing this.

Why? Well, for starters a lot of it is because of my career or my day job. I need to focus on a few things that matter in my career and I think I need lot of my free time for it.

Another is for once, I would like to finish up my customs, kitbashing and Gundam model kits. I've got a ton of kits I haven't built and not to mention my personal projects that I haven't gotten to do yet. So's time to do things for myself now.

But again no worries, those who I have promised to take your jobs...I'll still do them. But I will be only taking small sized projects which are easier and is not as time consuming and it all depends on me as well. So no promises.

And I'm clearing up most of the pending jobs that I have.

Whatever it is, please do not be alarmed. RK Designs might be taking a break, but only from comission works. There will be updates once in I'm still here ya. So keep your eyes peeled and keep on being with us to see what we've done.