Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Masterpiece Sunstorm


Hey all, been kinda busy lately...but no worries, got a lot to share with you all...

First up here is a repaint of a Decepticon Seeker named Sunstorm. Heck...after all this time I still remember that my first MP that I repainted was Starscream...waaaay back in 2007...and actually it was that particular fella that jump started the whole RK Designs ball rolling.

So here I am again with a Masterpiece Transformer, and one of the Seekers. Actually it's not that I don't like repainting these series, but dear God...the amount of 'scratch-points' (parts that slide with each other or snap in) are insane!!! But as most of you should know, I love a good challenge!

So after looking for the best color scheme (and the owner provided what he wanted, Dreamwave) it was easy after that. The original mold was of Skywarp and everybody knows that SOB is black. Well, nothing like a little primer and then some base white couldn't do right?

A lot of patience and some touching up was required and not to mention I had to take a break for my own getaway holidays with my dear wife, I managed to finish it.

Masterpiece Sunstorm

Fighter mode:

Heh...funny how I'm listening to the movie TOP GUN's soundtrack right now. LOL...

Btw, here's the link to my previous masterpiece Seekers:

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