Monday, June 14, 2010

Alternator Red Alert


Here's another project that I've dreamed of working for myself for quite sometime. Ever wondered where I got the Prowl head for my BT kitbash? And guess where the Smokescreen head went...LOL! This was another knock off figure I managed to get, and luckily this one wasn't as bad as the k.o. Smokescreen. Actually it was pretty good.

Alternator Red Alert.
I did some mods to the head, sawed off the front chin guard, then the horns. Smoothed it down and attached two small intakes to the side heads to emulate Red Alerts antennas. Printed out some decals and presto, a Generation One tribute to ol' Red Alert (Takara did come out with a Binaltech Alert fig, but I kinda hated it...)

Pretty nice eh? I'm planning to make another Red Alert using another mold...but I'm not sure.