Monday, June 14, 2010

TFA Starscream (Generation One) and TFTM Proto Prime (ver2.0)


Been busy guys. Sorry.

Anyhoo, just wanted to explain that some of my updates usually depend on my customers as well. What I'd do is after my client has taken their commissioned works then only I post updates on my blog.


Simple. I want to see the expression on my clients first. I know, it sounds ri-donkey-lous but thats the way it is. If I posted it first then there's no 'WOW' factor for them. Correct?

Well, I've got here are two works that I did for a friend.

First is Transformers Animted Starscream. Overall a good figure but we needed to give him the Generation One treatment. So here it is.

TFA Starscream Generation One Colors

Next up is TFTM Protoform Optimus Prime ver 2.0.
(Did one of this awhile back, this has some improvements)