Monday, June 14, 2010

Binaltech Prowl (RK Version)


Another from our studios. This project has been on my table for the last one year. Yes. That long. But you all must forgive me, these are knock off Transformers. Here's the story.

Binaltech Prowl.
Originally it was a knock off Smokescreen. Managed to get hold of it about more than a year ago. I was planning to kitbash this guy to Prowl. Since I have always believed that Prowl has to have his front hood like his generation one rendition. Imagine took me a year...LOL...

Apologies for the non image of his vehicle mode. Why? Since it's a knock off, the vehicle mode doesn't lock properly and it looks kinda...bad. But this is just a try and wanting to get it out of my system...Will be working on a new one soon (when I get myself a proper Alternator body...can you spell ORIGINAL?)

Stay tune for the next update!