Monday, June 27, 2011

ROTF Nemesis Prime ver. 2


There you go. Finally!

Okay, so the movie is coming out in the next few days. So yeah, posting movie-verse Transformers repaints is part of celebrating the last movie by Micheal Bay.

I remember doing one of these a while back, but this one was supposed to be done around the same time. I owed this to my sister in-law (yes...she collects primes) way back, but just recently got myself to finishing it...

So, like before I prefer to have Nemesis stylings to be more 'lined' than 'flaming'. Lol. I've always thought that being the reverse version of Optimus Prime should have it all...different.

Enough it is.

ROTF Nemesis Prime

Here it is. There will be more postings...hopefully by today (if the internet doesn't screw me up...).

Hakuna Matata~!

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