Friday, October 7, 2011

Hot Toys Ironman Mark 3: Prototype


Okay here's something that took me a bit to finish. Took a break from my commissioned works to do something a bit different. Yep. And it's been awhile since I actually took a job which is a figure. And not just any figure, a Hot Toys figure.

Now, most Hot Toys collectors know that the Ironman Mark 3 has some flaws in terms of the abdominal area. The colors seem to slowly fade and leaving it a little pinkish...yep.

So I got in my hands one of the earliest Ironman incarnation from the fabulous 1/6 figure makers, Hot Toys. Seeing a sample project that they did (a limited edition figure) called the secret project, I decided to color this Mark 3 following the scheme.

I opt for a more brighter gray than the Hot Toys version. Here is the fella before:

And here is the after the repaint:

I've uploaded 'work in progress' pictures in the RK Design Studios Facebook page, you can check it out at:

'HT Iroman Mark 3 W.I.P'

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Till next time! Cheers!

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