Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hasbro Star Wars Snowspeeder (WIP) Part 01


Yep. You all read it right. Starting from now, I'll be putting up some 'Work In Progress' postings to be my tutorials on how to do repaints. Actually this was due to so many people requesting I do some WIP tutorials so that they can learn too. And finally I'm doing it. Yeah. Okay, I was given a project commissioned by a friend of mine awhile back. It's a Star Wars Snowspeeder. One of my favourite ships and I think what better way to start of this series of WIP postings.

Shall we begin now?

Now before anything, make sure you mask the areas that you want not touched by the paints. Masking is one of those tedious tasks that isn't enjoyable, but if done well...will save you a lot of grief later...

Once you're happy with the areas that you wanted to mask, now apply the primer. Make sure that the primer is evenly spread and before painting, always check for dust particles. Wipe the surface of the area clean. After applying primer, spray the base paint. Here I'm using a mixture of my own gray.

Let it dry or cure. At least for a few hours or so, but for better paint application...give it a day! Yes, I'm talking about 24hours! LOL. Leaving it that long you will be sure that the primer and the base coat is fully cured.

After it has cured, comes the pre-shading. Now this technique is more or less on what you feel. Not sure how to explain this, but it's something that you acquire after doing it many times. But what I can tell you, doing pre-shades should be in the nook and crannies. And also you have to take into consideration on how the vehicle moves, how the air or dirt flows on it. Heh, and here you thought that repainting was easy eh?

As you can see, I separated the cannons and engine cover. Apply the same as the main body, inclusive of the pre-shades.

The small guns at the back of the speeder was separated and painted differently. After priming, I applied flat black and later did some drybrushing on it to give it that metal weathered look. What's dry brushing? I'll go to it later in another WIP posting. heh.

That's the end of part 1 for the today's WIP posting. Don't worry, I'll definitely do the next one soon.

Hopefully this could motivate or give you guys some ideas on how to paint your figures or vehicles. Now remember one thing, this is a technique that I'm using and modified it along the way. If you can think of some other simpler way, then just do it. Trial and error is a part of being good at what you do.

Till next WIP! Cheers!

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  1. awesome as always! Now, go and finish my SDF-1! hehehe...