Monday, September 26, 2011

1/48 P47D Thunderbolt 'Bubbletop'


Yep. A month plus of no updating. Still alive. I think. A lot of work done, but updating has been an issue with me lately. Yeah. I'm just too darn lazy, until I re-read an email I received from a 'friend and fan' opened my eyes. If I want people to follow what I do, updating is something that is important.

So here it is.

Okay, this kit has been down way back in July...heh...

Another fantastic kit from Tamiya (and almost got me into airplane kit building), with the small little was awesome.

Now, my client wanted me to follow it close to the original colors and he gave me some suggestions. I chose one and started working on it. The engine cover area is purely decals. Yes. If I did that, that would have been the last work of mine that you'll see...hahahahaha...

So here is the guy...

1/48 P47D Thunderbolt 'Bubbletop'

Okie dokie. That's all for now. I need to dig out more of the work I've done these past few months.


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