Tuesday, January 17, 2012

TF:PRIME Voyager Optimus Prime

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Yes...I know it's kinda late, but we're still in January right?



Well, this is practically the first thing I finished. Now don't get me wrong, it's not as simple as it looks. You see this figure, didn't have much screw on it. But it had a bunch of bolted in parts. Yes. And then it came down to masking it then. And that was a 'bitch' to do. Yeah, I'm using a profound word to explain how hateful it was to do it. LOL.

Now here is the image before the repaint. My client requested to repaint only the gray ugly parts, not a full repaint.

Simple right. Wrong. It was hours of masking and figuring out how and where the heck should I mask. One of the most tedious things that I hate doing. But the outcome was pretty good. Here it is...(excuse the backgrounds. I was a bit lazy...heheheh)

And that's all for now peeps! One thing that you'd have to look out is the rubber smokestacks and blade. As you can see, there doesn't seem to be any problem...until you bend it.

Till next time~

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