Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Transformer Movie Goldbug!

When I was first given this job to repaint the Bumblebee '74 Camarro to gold, they kept mentioning about getting the same finishing as the Lawson version. Lawson this, Lawson that...okay, I give up...who the heck is this Lawson fella...

Found out later it was a special version '74 Camarro by a company called Lawson. Oooooooh...heh...I'm kinda slow in this cause I don't really bother much about who's who and doing what...The only update are those from well known kitbashers like TFMaster (God bless his soul) and Jin Saotome.

Alriteys, this fella here was given a gold colored paintjob for the external parts of the car and the internals were painted silver with black shadings. Instead of 'trying' to follow the Lawson version, I went with the RK version. And I dub thee 'Goldbug'! (Why would I want to call Bumblebee to Lawson? Beats me...I just work here...)

Movie Goldbug

Close Up Shots:

Vehicle Mode:

"Yippie-ky-yay Motherf****r!"

Well, I think that's all for now. There will be some upcoming updates soon. So fear not, "I'll be back!"



  1. i've been following your works. keep up the good work. wonder if you do other kits other than transformers. tamiya model cars maybe?

  2. thanks naka for the compliments, i will try to do better in moy other projects...hmm..tried once on my honda nsx and a skyline r34 gtr, but i wrecked it a while back..heh..might be doing it again soon..