Sunday, September 30, 2007

Movie Megatron RE-Done

Okay, another Movie Megatron repaint. Heh...Well, I know that I did it before but if you all remember, the one that I did before was my first and the pictures taken wasn't as good. This time around, the Megatron belonged to Arya (you know, the fella who can take really good pictures of his repaints? Yeah...thats him). So I purposely didn't take pics of my own since I know very well that he would be able to justify the Megatron wonderfully.

Enough said, here is Movie Megatron in all his prime! (Get it? Prime? Megatron's enemy? *sigh*)

Movie Megatron

Cybertronian Jet Mode:

Close Ups:

Misc Shots: Megatron in Action!

"It's just me Prime!"

What did I tell ya? This friend of mine does have an eye in photography!

Until next time, Cheeriosos!

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