Saturday, September 22, 2007

Alternator Nemesis Prime - RK Version

This fella was my own pet project, it was sort of abandoned for a few months. I know...I know, theres the exclusive Nemesis Prime alternator in the market (but the price went up the roof and I don't think I'd want to spend that butt load of money on a piece of plastic...) so I decided to get myself a loose Alternator Prime and repainted him to Nemesis styling...with a little added racing stripes.

Okay, basically it was a simple paint job...but I did a small boo-boo on the windshield and ended up having to repaint the clear, see through windshield red. What boo-boo did I do? Meet me personally and I'll tell ya. It's too embarrassing to tell it here. Hah!

Anyhoo, enough talk...

Alternator Nemesis Prime (RK Version)

Vehicle Mode:

"I like pie!!"

Okay...Nemesis never said that but I've been dying to use that phrase for as far as I can remember. If you don't get it its fine, it's a personal joke for myself. *Laughing alone*



  1. hey let me know if u want to sell this hehe afis 0169656981

    p/s:im the one who asking u about the alternator u sold for rm90

  2. do you know where i can find transformers binaltech in kl? There doesnt seem to be much available these days....

  3. haha bro, my alternator NP i got it for only AUD40 ~= RM120 :P