Sunday, September 30, 2007

Movie Jazz - Nemesis Style!

I have a good friend who came to me with a really new idea for one of the Transformer movie toys. As you all should know by now, the name Nemesis means the black colored version of any Prime. But with my friend Jason, he wanted something different, so he gave me a movie Jazz and asked me to 'Nemesize' it. I'm all up to do it since it was a new 'thang' for me.

On the vehicle mode I gave him the trademark Nemesis color stripes and a nice semi gloss paintjob. For the internal robot parts I applied the outer-shading techniques to enhance the robotic look to it.

And here it is. (Before anything, I'd like to apologize for the pics since there wasn't enough lighting and I had to use flash and also increase the brightness in Photoshop...gomei-nei)

Nemesis Jazz

Vehicle Mode:

Misc Shots with Shield and Pose:

I really enjoyed repainting this guy since the scratch points were very minimal and even to a point there weren't any at all. Here's a hint on my next Trasnformer Movie toy repaint: He's in gold colors.


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