Saturday, September 22, 2007

Movie Optimus Prime Upgraded

Last work on a leader class movie optimus prime was the nemesis version for Botcon '07. That was like a few months ago. Well, I was comissioned another prime, but this time around it was just an upgrade. Nothing spectacular or refurbishing of the whole body but a simple touch up on the internal parts. The reason was pretty simple, the internals were pretty sucky despite a darn good bot.

So after checking out the areas that needed the repaints, I worked on disassembling and as usual applied the undercoat and worked on it. I gave it the same touch I gave on the leader class megatron. Silver and black shadings.

Here it is:

Leader Class Optimus Prime (RK Cosmetic Upgrade)

Close Ups:

"Freedom is the right for all sentient beings..."

Well, that's the upgraded look I gave to prime, hope one day I can do a full upgrade look like the movie version. Now thats a project worth challenging!



  1. Great job there. Leader OP certainly loks much better with the metallic internals. Why didnt you paint the visors on the windscreen?

  2. thanks for the compliments fren, but i purposely didnt paint it since i didnt paint the front grills. so wen he transforms, there will be consistency.

  3. With this case, what did you use for an undercoat?