Sunday, September 30, 2007

Zoids Liger Zero RE-Made

I've been wanting to do a Zoids kit eversince i knew the existence of the ligers. I used to be fascinated by the constructs and look of each Zoid, but I never manage to get one. Well, I was having some other priorities and picking up a Zoid at that time was kinda...ermm..not important. The only Zoid I had that time was a present from my parents, which was the Lidier. A vintage Zoid during the 80's and a sabertooth tiger version.

Okay, so I finally got myself a Liger, namely the Liger Zero. Traded it with my brother since he wasn't into Zoids anymore. First thing that I realised, the Zero was molded in yellowish white colors. It looked...old and mouldy. here is my first Zoids repainted works. With all the practice I got from painting Transformers and Gundams, it worked out well I think. Recolored the main body and did the pre-shading technique. I enhanced the gold areas which were the teeth and the claws.

The Liger Zero.

Close Ups:

Misc Shots:

After building and painting this fella, I have a whole new perspective of Zoids. All I can do now is wait for my Murasame, Hayate and Mugen to arrive at my doorsteps.

Here's to waiting!


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