Wednesday, June 10, 2009

MP08 Grimlock Upgrade

Hey all...

It's been awhile.

Well, what better to kick off from my long hiatus (was around and have been doing repainting, just haven't updated that's all...heh) with the new Masterpiece Transformer Grimlock. An awesome toy to begin with and with fantastic transformation designs.

Comissioned by long time friend to RK Designs, Toy Workers ( this was a job that I was happy to do.

I left the gold and certain black parts as it is since it looks just as good and worked on some chrome and gray parts. Gave it some depth with some pre-shading and some highlights.

All is done, here's how it looks.

MP08 Grimlock (before)

Grimlock (version RK)

Upcoming more repainted works. Why the sudden gush of updates? Hey its Transformers month, and it was time to finally show what I've been doing...heh...