Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Classics Ultra Magnus


Wow! I'm on a roll here huh?

Anyways, this is my first posting of a Transformer figure after many months...not that I haven't done any, it's just that at the moment I won't be posting those work...not yet. Reason? I got my reasons and I'll disclose it once I've completed the whole bulge of work that I've been doing...that's inclusive of my personal projects...

Okay, so here I have a Classics Ultra Magnus that I repainted from a Classics Nemesis Prime. I've been looking for a Magnus but the prices for that little dude isn't really in my budget, so I thought might as well get me a Nemmy and paint it to a Maggy...hah!

Instead of painting it to like the original Hasbro version of the classics Magnus, I went a did a G1 on it...meaning all white baby!

So here it is...

Ultra Magnus!

Vehicle mode:

With the trailer (FansProject City Commander add on):

Armored up!

Until my next update!