Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Vintage Palitoys Millenium Falcon


Here's another Millenium Falcon that I worked on awhile back. It's not as big as the new Hasbro version, so my work wasn't as...sizeable. Anyhoo, The reason why this fella was repainted was yellowing. It was so bad that it looked like it was made out of snot. Can't really blame it, this fella was around since 1979.

So my good buddy asked me to refurbished this since he saw my work on the Hasbro Falcon and he hoped that I can actually return this guy to his former glory. So there I was, another Falcon.

A job's a job's right? Didn't manage to take photos of its yellowing so can't really compare, but I think some of you would know.

Here it is...

Palitoy's Millenium Falcon (1979)

Got a request from my pal to change the thrusters to blue. Which is true since I don't remember the Falcon ever had red thrusters...

Go the distance!