Friday, January 21, 2011

Tamiya 1/35 JSU-152 with Flakvierling


Another tank. Yep. But this time along with a flak cannon.

It's the JSU-152 and a 20mm Flakvierling. So what was the inspiration? Actually I suggested to my client the color gray. Originally it was colored green, but I thought gray would be awesome and more solid. He wanted to know if the flak cannon can be mounted to the back of the JSU, and seeing that the tank had quite a space behind...the answer was yes. But I didn't glue it so it will never come off, no...I just propped the guns on it's stand so it can be removed anytime...

So, following the schematics of my's a pretty simple styling. Pre-shades and some wash on the creases. Not to mention connecting parts to the hatch, just to show a little wear and tear. My client didn't want anything heavy...just a nice looking tank with little weathering.

So here it is.

Tamiya 1/35 JSU-152 and 20mm Flakvierling

That's all for now folks! Be sure to tune in for next posting. Here's a hint...

Republic Gunship...and another tank...heh.



  1. Cun! Really love seeing your work.
    Nicely done.
    Hope to see more!

  2. Dragon's JSU-152s are better kits than Tamiya because of the individual 'magic' track pieces, the significance is that individual tracks provide more authentic track placements.

  3. Your paint job is awesome as usual man !
    I love the machine gun's finish (metal effect). Any reference for a good website for noobs about air brush's techniques ?

  4. rafys: thanks bro for the compliments!

    anthony: never tried doing a dragon kit before, if i do manage to find one i'll give it a shot!

    vincent: thanks a bunch buddy! actually the machine was pretty simple, just paint it flat black and dry brush it with silver and presto! hmm..well theres hundreds of airbrush sites out there (honestly i learned it on the go as well..hahahahah) but u can try visiting it's a forum base site which i own and we have a tutorial section on anything abt modeling..go an have a look!