Sunday, January 16, 2011

HALO Spartan II: Team Black - RK ver.


Just a little something to mix it up a bit.

I'm a big fan of the HALO games and when I knew the figures where out, I searched for the best Master Chief figure. A few weeks ago I managed to grab a new Master Chief figure from McFarlane toys, which I think is the best. So what am I gonna do with the other 2 figures of the legendary HALO hero?

Repaint them of course!!

Well, it has been a plan of mine to do the Spartan II teams and the new team that I manage to read about was the Spartan: Team Black. A covert unit of Spartan II commandos. Their Mjolnir prototype armor were painted matte black. Since I had only two Chief figures, I opted to do Black One and Black Three, the leader and the heavy weapons specialist.

But I'm just gonna show one. The leader.

So here's how I worked on this small little project.

Here's the original figures.

I chose the slightly lanky figure to be the leader and the slightly stumpy to be the weapons specialist.

Masked the faceplate. Primed it with Mr. Hobby surface primer and painted it with flat black. Once the paints cured, I did my favourite technique...drybrushing! And the results...

Spartan II: Team Black - Black One

With the other Spartan II's. Master Chief, Spartan 104 Fred and Black One.

I'll post Black Three once I've found a suitable...erm...big gun to put him with. Heh.

Till next time!


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  2. I love team black, would I be able to order a figure from you?