Saturday, January 22, 2011

Blast From The Past - MG Freedom Gundam

The Year: 2006

Again another blast from the past posting. Dug into my archive and here I found another Gunpla build of mine that could have been one of my earliest airbrushed works. And me being a big fan of the Freedom Gundam (the mecha okay, not the pilot!) I wanted to make sure that this fella was done right...(on another note...I hate the Strike Freedom..bah!)

Didn't do any changes to the original paint scheme...the only details I did was added some extra decals. And so here it is...the 2006 version of the Master Grade Freedom...

(Don't bother with the panel lines and rough was half a decade ago okay...LOL)

So...What happened to this kit? It was sold a while back. Quite cheap. Yes. At that time I wasn't sure how much it was worth, and since it was one of my earlier airbrushed kit...I wasn't that confident with the pricing of my work.

Now it's different. Heh.

And stay tune, my wife got me another MG Freedom Gundam...So let's see how I do after 5 years of airbrushing and modeling...

And that was...2006.



  1. your works are awesome.
    loved the details.

  2. thanks so much bro for the compliments!